Posted September 27, 2013 by Linux-TV in News

Xtrend ET10000 with HDMI in and VLAN first look


Xtrend have now released pictures and specs of their new high end top of the line receiver the Xtrend ET10000 with 1.3 MIPS GHz CPU.



The quad plug and play tuner receiver can be used with DVB-S2, DVB-C DVB-T/2 signals. It also includes a dedicated IPTV VLAN connection. There is also a regular Ethernet connection though the specs say this is 100 Mbit only.

A new interesting feature is the HDMI in connector. This can be used to grab and record content from sources like Game Consol or an external Blu ray / DVD player. We suspect though that the source needs to be without HDCP content protection for this to work. HD Hardware Transcoding is supported.

Also promoted are the possibilities to play back content on remote devices like computer, tablet or smartphone.