Posted January 18, 2013 by Linux-TV in News

Vu+ launches Vu+ Plugin Awards 2013

Vu+ Plugin Awards 2013Vu+ have decided to make a new incentive for plugin developers with The Vu+ Plugin Awards 2013.

The Vu+ Plugin Awards promote and reward excellence by recognizing innovative plugin developers for Vu+ models.

Vu+ Plugin Awards categories

1. System

2. Connectivity

3. UI

4. Multimedia (Recording)

5. Other

This award is opened to anyone who has deep interests in Vu+ as well as those who would like to take part in making Vu+ in a whole different level with the implementation of winning plugins in Vu+ products. Please be advised that there will be supplementary contract between the winners and Vu+ for the transfer of the rights on plugins.

Up to EUR50.000 will be awarded to the top plugin developers. The winners will be announced through Vu+ official website on 27th of May and will be invited to the The Vu+ Plugin Awards ceremony that takes place on the 5th of June at Vu+ booth at ANGA CABLE 2013.

1st winner – EUR10.000

2nd winners (5 participants) – EUR5.000 X 5

3rd winners (15 participants) – EUR1.000 X 15

Interested¬†participants¬†should submit their plugin with the detailed documentation to [email protected]

The deadline for submission is 12 May 2013 (date of sending). Entries must be submitted in English only.