Posted January 16, 2013 by Linux-TV in Guides and Tips

Take advantage of the Vu+ Solo2 power with a HiColor Skin

The current trend of Linux receivers seems to be faster CPUs. That offers better performance for boot, zapping and Hbb-TV. But the faster receivers are now also giving the opportunity to have better on screen display graphics.

Several Skin makers are now doing HiColor skin versions with True 32 bits + alpha graphics.

You have to run your Vu+ resolution at 1080i or 108op to get the optimal visual performance of these skins. Of course it is possible to use them in other older receivers but not with the same speed.

HiColor Skin Vu+ Solo2

Example of a HiColor Skin MX HC1

HiColor Skin Vu+ Solo2 channel info

Example of a HiColor Skin MX HC1

Examples of hicolor skins are the MX HC1 & MX HC2 which are released for the Black Hole Images. Running one of these on a Vu+ Solo2 will give you an enhanced graphics experience but feel free to try it on older boxes also. The HC2 is the faster of the two skins so maybe try that first on older hardware.

Check out the forum thread over at vuplus-community.net for more info on these 2 skins.