Posted July 22, 2013 by Linux-TV in News

OpenViX 3.0.702 for the Vu+ Duo2

openvixOpenViX has released a new image for the Vu+ Duo2 . OpenViX 3.0.702. Here are the release notes.
GCC Version: 4.4.4
Vu + Kernel Version: 3.3.8
Vu+ Drivers: 19-07-2013
Known bugs (all driver related):
Blindscan not currently working.


AutoBouquetsMaker ( ABM )
Allows you to setup and automate the process of creating and maintaining a region specific channel bouquets for Sky uk ( plus some European providers )
Includes Graphical EPG, Text mode, InfobarEPG and Bouquet list graphical EPG modes
Video Playback
All EPG screens now available while watching a recording, for easy switching back to Live TV or setting timers.
Channel Selection
Support added to change font sizes and number of rows.
Support added to have a 3rd event showing (Skin Dependent)
Support added to display start time and end time for all events shown.

EPG Selection
Added help screen to all epg selection screens.
Added support to change font sizes and number of rows.

Language Selection
Added English (UK) to available languages.

Added support for English (UK).

You may now sort Menus, Settings and Plugin Browser alphabetically.

Network Browser
Uses less memory during Scan.
Moved to new Setup Mounts screen.
New style webif now accessed using default port 80
Old style webif still available if required for use with certain PC signal meters and Fancontrol 2

About Screen
Added network info.
As part of streamlining the image, removed NFS, AFP, Samba, OpenVPN, Inadyn, MiniDLNA & uShare from default image (can now be installed/de-installed through Network setup screen)
On Screen Hints
Now available as options are selected.
Instant Record
from channel list, EPG or current channel.
Enhanced Movie List Features
It is now optional to play next movie, when the a movie reaches end, setup in menu of movie selection screen.[COLOR=#333333]
Latest Drivers (19/07/2013).

HBBTV available as plugin from feeds

Button Mappings

Short Red** & *** – Show current channel EPG info (ViX Single EPG).
Long Red ** & *** – Sort single EPG info when in channel list.
Short Green** & *** – Timers.
Long Green*** – AutoTimer Timers.
Short Yellow*** – EPG Search.
Long Yellow*** – Instant IMDB Database search on the current programme.
Short Blue – Extensions.
Long Blue*** – Plugins Menu.
EPG – Opens ViX EPG.
Left/Right** – Opens ViX QuickEPG.
Left/Right** – Opens ViX QuickEPG.
Up/Down** – Open Full Screen Channel List.
TV Button** – Open Full Screen Channel List.
Long TV Button – Open Bouquets List.
** Can be changed in ViX Menu
*** Can be turned off in ViX Menu

Special Thanks

  • rytec – for his continued support.
  • Ocram for his Picon sets
  • All developers for their plugins used in the feeds of this image.
  • All of the ViX Beta team for their hours of testing and dedication on getting this image working.
  • Rob van der Does, belierzz, rimas, Henkka, raivo, eesatfan, Zartmy, Trial & june8 for their translation work
  • Huevos for his work on blindscan
  • Gennart1 for dvb-as102 support
  • Markus625 for skin ViXBMC
  • scwheeler for his work on the MetrixHD skin mods
  • Rob van der Does for his skins, Magic Hd and Light
  • Delagroov for his skins Magic Hd Night/Noire
  • Nashu for his skins NeoNOVUM_HD & myNOVUM_HD.