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How we rate the receivers

Here at we give a Overall Rating Score for all our reviews. This rating given is a number out of 100%. Our rating score is based on our combined experience while testing the unit.

We look at rating elements like: 

  • Design and Connectivity – A look at the general design and front display, card readers and ci slots and the connections the receiver offers.
  • Ease of use – How is it to use. Things like boot speed, zapping speed,installation, updating, remote control usage are considered.
  • Technology – Includes CPU speed, Multimedia support, Hbb-TV support, Picture in Picture HD support, Pluggable Tuner support.

We rate every product category (single.twin,triple,quad) on its own. So it is possible for a single tuner receiver to get a higher rating than a twin tuner receiver.

The review is usually made during a period of 1 – 3 weeks where we have access to the receiver. For some reviews we may have the review unit for a longer period and are able to update the review to better reflect the evolution of the software and drivers.

Please note that the receivers evolve a lot over time. So the negatives in our reviews have sometimes possibly been fixed since we reviewed the receiver.
The receivers reviewed are either provided to us by the manufacture, a distributor or we buy the receiver our selves. The parties involved have no influence on our review score.