Posted April 4, 2014 by Linux-TV in News

HDMI In port – New trend for high end receivers?

Both the Xtrend ET10000 and the Russian Sezam Marvel HD offer a HDMI input. Is that a new trend and what can it be used for?

When we talk HDMI on satellite receivers we are almost always talking about HDMI outputs. But on some new receivers we are now seeing a HDMI input which offers some new opportunities.

Let us take a look at a couple of receivers which offer this.

Xtrend ET10000



The yet to be widely released Xtrend ET10000 is a high end receiver which is fully packed on the connection side of things. Apart from offering 4 Plug and Play tuner slots it also has both a HDMI input and output.

Sezam Marvel HD


The Sezam Marvel HD might not be known by many. It is a Russian brand sold in Europe by the Norwegian company X-Sat.no. The Sezam Marvel HD is  a fixed twin tuner DVB-S2 with 2 optional tuner module slots so Quad tuners are possible.

This receiver also offers both  HDMI in and out.

HDMI input what is it good for?

The HDMI input can be useful for several things. If you are running low on HDMI inputs on your TV, this adds one additional. To change from say the Xtrend ET10000 signal to HDMI in signal you would hit the HDMI in on the remote.

Another option is to have Picture in Picture with HDMI input in one of the windows and the satellite tv signal in the other.

Perhaps the most interesting feature would be if it was possible to record the signal from the HDMI input. Reports say that this is yet not supported but as far as we know it has not been ruled out as a possibility in future updates.