Posted January 8, 2011 by Linux-TV in Guides and Tips

How to flash a Vu+ Duo

It is pretty easy to flash your Vu+ Duo.

Here is how you to install an image with a simple USB memory stick on the Vu+ Duo

Remember to backup any settings and other personal settings if you want to save those from a previous image.

  • Download an USB image for your Vu+ Duo on your computer
  • Put in a USB memory stick in a USB plug on your computer
  • Make sure the memory stick is formatted as Fat 32
    (note if you have a USB stick with lots of space maybe you need a Fat32 format tool for doing it in Windows 7)
  • Make a folder called vuplus
  • Inside the vuplus folder make a folder and name it duo
  • Unzip the USB image files into the duo folder
    (you should now have the files boot_cfe_auto.jffs2, kernel_cfe_auto.bin and root_cfe_auto.jffs2 inside the duo folder)
  • Remove the USB memory stick from you computer
    (It is recommended to do it by using the safely Remove Hardware notification area icon (besides the clock right corner), and click on the Eject drive for the drive letter of your USB stick. Wait for Safe to remove hardware message)
  • Power off the Vu+ Duo
  • If you have a USB stick in the rear stick please remove it
  • Insert memory stick into front USB slot on the Vu+ Duo
  • Power on your VU+ Duo and follow the instructions displayed on you tv
  • After flashing you should see message Remove usb and Reboot. Take out the front USB memory stick and and switch off and back on on the back of the Vu+ Duo

You should now have the newly installed image booting.

OpenPli release new beta versions every day – Do I need to do this every day?

No if you already have Openpli installed you can hit the blue button on your Vu+ Duo remote then software management and do a software update.