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Black Hole Vu+ Duo2 v. 2.0.4

The Black Hole Team has released their first public Image for the brand new Vu+ Duo2.



The Black Hole Vu+ Duo2 v. 2.0.4 includes support for transc0ding bitrate/framerate customization and a  custom updated version of lcd4linux.

This is for sure the software we plan to install.

Download here

Here is the complete info fra Black Hole about v. 2.0.4

  • New: Subtitle Auto Language Support
  • New Skin: MX S Line by Matrix10
  • New: Vfd skin by Ev0 (duo2)
  • Custom updated version of lcd4linux (duo2)
  • TranscodingSetup : add bitrate/framerate support (duo2)
  • Update Hbbtv and opera browser
  • New Vu+ drivers 20130703(duo2)
    – Support transcoding bit/frame rate change(100K< bitrate< 5M, framerate=23976 24000 29970 30000 59940 60000 )- Enable SD video when transcoding
  • New Vu+ drivers 20130621(all):

– Fix TS Playback problem
– Fix i2c error handling
– Turn off LCD at standby by default(duo2)
– Change default LCD brightness(duo2)
– Support DVB-T external antennae(duo2)

  • Misc:

fixed to be used the rc-keyboard at duo2.
vuplus homepage url changed www2.vuplus.com -> vuplus.com
remove the uri log when playing the vod
NetworkWizard : remove confdns for inet static.
Adjust kernel config (duo2)
added libcec
gstreamer_0.10.36.1.bb: fixed “GStreamer-CRITICAL
opkg: some fixes/changes for handling packet recommends
busybox: passwd use SHA512 by default
busybox: mount: don’t pass option auto to kernel
do sync after umountfs
gst-plugins-good : remove gtk+ on DEPENDS
make RDEPENDS of package specific
dbus-1.4.16: fix compile with c++11
update python-coherence
update OpenWebIf
update languages: fr cs fr sv sk