Posted May 14, 2014 by Linux-TV in News

BLACK HOLE Vu+ 2.1.0 released

• New skin by Matrix MX X Line
• New plugin Fast OpenEpg
• Updated Crossepg to the latest 0.81 version
• Updated OpenWebIf

Drivers update:
– 20140424
• Fix multichannel audio problem (solo2, duo2)
– 20140418
• Fix DVB-S2 Single(AVL6211) tuner problem (duo2, ultimo)
• Change nim_sockets of DVB-T2 tuner (duo2, needs a E2 update)
– 20140403
• Fix audio problem (duo2, solo2)
– 20140318
• Fix dual tuner lock problem (duo2, uno, ultimo)
• Fix PCM multichannel from standby (duo2, solo2)
– 20140316
• Fix DDP problem (duo2, solo2)

• [WLAN] Added recipe and patches for Realtek RTL8192DU driver (v4.0.0)
• Added recipe for v1.0.9 e 1.0.18 LibUSB library
• [dvb-apps-v5] updated to latest commit
• [lcd4linux] update to 4.0-r4
• [gstreamer] prevent accumulation of old cached buffers in input-selector.
• [PCSC] added recipes for CCID PCSC driver to latest version compatible with Vu OE
• [hbbtv] fix play state error on VOD
• [hbbtv/youtubetv] update vod player.
• [base-files] fix fstab
• Use ntfs-3g for mounting ntfs filesystem.
• Uupdate web-manual for vusolo2/vuduo2.
• Fix duo2 flash size.
• [Languages] updatelang: cs, el, es, fr, no, ru, sk, sv, uk.
• [NimManager] fix hasNimType for DVB-T2
• [keymap/rcinput] adding key code for fastforward/rewind.
• [VideoEnhancement] add entry vertical_dejagging, smooth

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