Posted December 17, 2013 by Linux-TV in News

BLACK HOLE Vu+ 2.0.8

Black Hole bootThe Black Hole Team have released Vu+ 2.0.8

What’s new:
• New Vu+ drivers 16 december 2013
• New Skin MX SkyLine By Matrix10
• New Bootologo IOS 7 Style by mikark
• Support wmv, wma, asf media file (duo, solo and uno have to be enabled in BhSpeedUp)
• Update OpenWebIf
• BhEpgPanel: Change internal openepg default channel to Nat Geo
• Update languages fr, no, sv
• Add Audio Effect Plugin
• Transcoding: support multiple encoders
• Transcoding: support resolution setting , and advanced setup
• A/V settings: update.
– add “AAC downmix” setup
– fix entry name, Dolby Digital downmix -> Dolby Digital / DTS downmix
bhshot13• gstreamer plugins updated:
– added support for mms protocol.
– added patch related on rtsp.
• Transtreamproxy updated
• Support more video codecs in media playback (OE 2.1 gstreamer)
• Reduce First picture display time (zapping time improvement : duo2, solo2)
• Support dual transcoding (duo2, Only 2nd transcoding is mutually exclusive with PIP)
• Improve PCM playback (solo, duo, uno, ulitmo)
• Support 3D surround (solo, duo, solo2, duo2)
• Support AVL (automatic volume leveler) (duo2, solo2)
• Support more proc entries to control duo2 transcoding
• Improve temperature control of dual tuner when not in use (duo2, uno, ultimo)
• FPGA update in solo2(done automatically in the first bootup after installation)
• Fix EOS deteciton in media(PCM) & TS playback
• Support AAC passthrough