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Black Hole release first public Image for Prismcube and a new board

Prismcube Ruby frontIf you were waiting for a Black Hole image for your Prismcuby Ruby receiver the wait is now over. The first Black Hole Prism image is now available along with a dedicated board for this new receiver at http://www.prismcube-community.net

The Black Hole image is based on the latest Official 1.2.0 Prismcube software and for this reason, any bugs that you find in the official images, may also be present in the Black Hole Prism image.

blackhole prismcube

Screenshot Source: prismcube-community.net

Black Hole main features:

Black Hole Boot Logo
Black Hole Menu
Blue Panel
Addons Panel
Tools Panel
Shutdown Panel
Telnet access
2x FTP access

  • Install a local Bhp Package:

Manual installation of Black Hole Prism packages

  • Uninstall Panel:

Uninstall Black Hole Prism packages *requires uninstall files to be included when .Bhp package was installed.

Online Addons managment:

We have our own online addons server, so that we can host some addons for you
that we feel will enhance your experience with your Prismcube, however as we
can not host every addon out there, we have also given you the option to add
your own 3rd party addon servers (we will not offer support for these servers or
there content, we are just offering you the flexibility and ease of use).
You also have the option to edit or delete any 3rd party servers you have added.

Black Hole Tools Panel:

Here we have given you the following options:

  • Map screenshot to rc button:

Use Mute or XBMC button to take a screenshot.

  • Import E2 settings (Channel list):

Use your Vu+ box channel lists

  • Export E2 settings (in Black Hole Tools):

Edit your Prismcube channel lists with your favourite E2 settings editors.

  • Bhp Packages Builder:

Build your own .Bhp packages.
Black Hole Shutdown Menu:

We have added the shutdown menu to give you more flexibility, in here you can either

Shutdown your Prismcube,
Reboot your box or just
Restart the Gui (user interface).

Ftp access:
There are two ftp types of access available in Black Hole images for Prismcube, one for the filesystem and one for recordings, a standard version of telnet is also included.

Ftp access (Filesystem)
port: 2121
user: root

Ftp access (Recordings)
port: 21
user: root
password: 0000

Telnet access:
user: root

Known bugs:
The import / export e2 settings support is purely experimental.
It may not work with long channel lists ( > 2 satellites) and could also lose the channel crypto system info. Anyway we strongly recommend you perform a new scan after importing a channel list.

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