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Black Hole Prism 1.5.0

Black Hole Prism 1.5.0
What’s new from Black Hole Team:
• Weather forecast in osd (graphics by capa)
• aio-grab e2 style with full screenshots osd and video (code by dpeddi)

What’s new from Marusys:
• [FIXED] Media play stops before reaching end of file
• [FIXED] No audio playback after frame seek
• [FIXED] Extra button appears when changing HDMI format
• [FIXED] Hide Restart GUI menu ( Note : Undo this by uncommenting the line if you are a developer who want to use this menu )
• [FIXED] Channel change bug in EPG channel mode
• [FIXED] Various PIP fixes
• [FIXED] Minor bugs in Timeshift
• FIXED] Opening m3u file fix
• [FIXED] View timer notification bug in active standby
• [FIXED] With extended EPG data, sentences are incorrectly separated
• [FIXED] Jerky A/V playback on streaming
• [MODIFIED] Improvement on Loading thumbnail
• [MODIFIED] Automatic restart after updating channels from Prismcube Manager and factory reset
• [MODIFIED] OSD and Audio language selection
• [MODIFIED] Smooth video frame seek by pressing FF/RW key in XBMC media play
• [NEW] Streaming of live TV channels to PC, or mobile devices
• [NEW] Backup and restore system image
• [NEW] Timer in main menu
• [NEW] New info in the bottom of window
• [NEW] SMB support in Update firmware from zip file
• [NEW] 64GB and 128GB SSD support

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