Posted November 13, 2013 by Linux-TV in News

Black Hole

Black Hole has been released
What is New​
NEW NEW NEW Cross Epg 0.7 version by Andyblac
Update skin MX S Line
Update Open Webif
Update Vuplus-blindscan
Add support for ssh108 automatic scan
Update transtreamproxy
Update driver 20131106
– Fix HDMI hotplug in standby(proc entry is also added)
– Support DVB-T2 automatic scan(uno, ultimo, duo2)
– Improve transcoding(duo2, solo2)
– Add dst_apply proc entry
– Increase demux number to 9(duo2, solo2, ultimo)
– Support blindscan in all slots(ultimo, duo2)
Update driver 20131108
– Support play/pause key of new Duo2 RC(solo/duo/uno/ultimo)
Update languages: da, fr, no, ru.

Download at http://www.vuplus-community.net/board/