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Black Hole 1.7.7 HbbTv Vu+

Black Hole VU+ 1.7.6The Black Hole Team has now also released HbbTV firmware for the VU+ models. The version  Black Hole 1.7.7 HbbTv

What is HbbTV

HBBTV is a pan-European specification for interactive TV applications with its roll-out in Germany, France and more countries are now following. HBBTV has been developed in order to fulfil the needs of seeking ways to deliver interactive services through a single web-based user interface. The fundamental goal is to create open standards providing the seamless TV experience to customers.

Note for Vu+ Ultimo and Vu+ Uno boxes:
Remeber to upgrade the firmware to the version 4.5 before you install Black Hole 1.7.7

Note HbbTv:
To access HbbTv functions: Short press red button / Long press blue button

Warning Parallel Universes:
Bh parallel universe panel has been moved to: Long press red button

What is new ?
Vu+ dvb drivers updated to 20120824
Vu+ OE updated to 20120830
Vu+ Enigma2 updated to 20120830
Army skin Transparency-HD updated for HbbTv
[librtmp] fix build bug
Enigma2-defaultservices : update default services
Opera hbbtv:
– upgrade libdvbsi++ package.
– include hbbtv plugin.
– packaging opera-hbbtv binutil.
Fix libpcsclite build
RemoteControlCode : support for all models except duo/solo.
[firmware upgrade] fix fimrware data filename.
Add opera browser.(with hbbtv)
– handle error for forbidden stream.
– activate red button.(ready for ait..)
keymap.xml: Red button remapped: short = hbbtv, long = parallel universes
BhEi: fix satellite name and position in osd (thx Sato)
Add filesystem choice to usb format wizard
Remove Vu+ Device Manager, using Bh device panel instead.
Set platform profile and check HbbTv application version.
HbbTv: fix bug of setting orgid.
Fix lamedb.192.
[hbbtv] fix bugs.
– add platform profile.
– add application version.
– notify error for failed to load.

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