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Vu+ Zero 4K on the market very soon

If you are waiting for the cheapest VU+ 4K receiver you will not have to wait much longer. The VU+ Zero 4K is ready very shortly.

VU+ Uno 4K SE ready to buy

The 4K era continues at VU+. Their latest offering is the VU+ Uno 4K SE which has a FBC tuner.


November Z-Series software update

The November Z-Series software update has been released and is ready for immediate download.


Formuler Z-Series September update

The long awaited Formuler Z-Series September update has been released over the network for all users.


VU+ Ultimo 4K Review

Is the Ultimo 4K the best imaginable UHD receiver? We have reviewed it and you can read our opinion here

WeTek releases Android 6.0 for WeTek Play 2

WeTek just released a new update for its flagship device - Play 2 - featuring the highly anticipated WeOS 3.1 based on Android 6.0 (Marshmallow).